October 6, 2011

First of all apologies for the silence, I am so busy getting ready to go away and working hard to save pennies, plus see friends before I leave.

I think this is probably how it’s going to be from now on, so your inbox’s will all be saved from daily emails and it will be more irregular for a few months!

So a very random blog today about a restaurant we visited in Portugal (I have a couple more too) but it was so lovely here that we went twice… we were being lazy on holiday yes!
Also when we were looking for places to eat there was very little help other than our eyes and guess-work (not much about this town on trip advisor) and this place was great so I thought I would help future visitors out.

I also think you should all go here on holiday next year. Especially if you ahve never been to Portugal before.

Like I said we went here twice, once with the family and once on date night as the Husband and I like it so much after we couldn’t find anywhere else we really like we just went back here.

I think they’re branding is pretty good as well, compared to what else we saw! They signature col0ur was bright pink, they had beautiful silk cushions and even dyed their flowers to match. Love that.

Also I would like to add that the service was brilliant, our waiter was so friendly and funny and could speak 4 languages fluently! We liked him.

It up a little hill but overlooks the beach, it’s a great view even if you don’t get a table outside (book!)

They bring everyone bread, butter and homemade dips, we got some taramasalata and what we think was a sardine pate. They were really good and they brought us more when we gobbled all this up.

Choosing starters was so hard!

The prawns were so big and meaty and so so fresh just as you’d expect.

Some very tender, juicy pork kebab which were served with a yogurt dressing.

I also tried the calamari. The Husband and I love calamari and he will always order it if and when it’s on offer. He actually had it both times.

The salads were just the kind I like; classics with a few added treats, the greek salad looked so fresh and was perfect for a balmy evening.

As I said before one thing about Portugal was that salad leaves seemed to be very boring, but this did not affect my enjoyment of the salad, a fruity goats cheese salad. You know I love fruit in my dinner.

Another favourite of the Husbands is pizza. When we went out on our date he actually said he wanted calamari then pizza and after a wander we realised we needed Onze as they did both. I didn’t complain I wanted to come here anyway!

This was the Della Mama pizza, very very good. He actually didn’t finish it though as it was very rich as I was stuffed!

On the family night most of us went for fish. This was my cod. I actually feel like I can still taste this just by looking at the photograph, there was a lot of oil but the fish was amazing and so were the potatoes and the tapenade was beautiful. It was a huge portion as well, everyone got to try some of mine!

This was the other favourite; monkfish and prawn skewers with rice. Delicious.

And some went for duck and asparagus risotto, which was a fairly small portion but very rich. I thought it sounded like an odd combination but it was very much enjoyed, so I must be wrong on that!

You know I also love cute bill details, I wish we got to keep this box.

A gratuitous shot of me and my Husband. Missing him lots while he is away!

So Onze is great, you have this beautiful view…

And it is a few steps down the hill to more bars by the beach where you can sit and drink gorgeous fruity cocktails all night.

These were probably my favourite evenings in Portugal and our date night was up there in our top ten dates :)



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