The Gumstool Inn

September 8, 2011

As part of our minimoon we ate at The Gumstool Inn, which I have to recommend to you as it is only an hours drive from Bristol, it is a lovely scenic drive (once you’re off the motorway) and I imagine the garden here to be perfect for a long afternoon lunch with friends…

The Gumstool Inn is part of Calcot Manor, you can see my full post here;
We were staying which was great as we ate our fill then just stumbled upstairs.

I so wished we didn’t order scones when I saw the menu as I really want to try the scotch eggs and chorizo but sadly I could not… so we went straight to starters.

The Husband ordered the most amazing calamari, which was so light and slightly spicy. I enjoyed my goats cheese parcel but I definitely lost this round.

For my main I ordered from the light bites menu but my dish was definitely not light, rich and delicious yes but not light! I had scallops, lobster and crab baked thermidore in the half shell. I ordered too much as well… yes that is 6 shells of it. I ate 4. I should have ordered the smaller portion!

The Husband ordered pork belly which came with beans and spinach.

I defiantly want to venture out here again with our friends, it’s the kind of place you can imagine being with a big group, and the garden was lovely in the late evening dusk.

Maybe next summer!


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