Another Bordeaux Quay Post…

September 7, 2011

And I am sorry. But it is just too good here.

The restaurant is a completely different experience to the cafe/bar downstairs. The service is more attentive and subtle, and the ceilings are high it feels oh so spacious.

I finally got to eat in the restaurant, as a thank you to our families we took them out for dinner to the place where we got engaged the night before we got married.

Once again I must apologise for being a rubbish blogger as I only ate one course as my Bridesmaids collected me before I could order dessert! I must once again just say that I am not a critic or a full on foodie I just like to recommend places where I had a good time. Sorry!

The menu was amazing, we all took so long to decide. Luckily they brought us a beautiful amuse to help us along… there was a little shot of gazpacho and a little amici both were so delicious.

It also didn’t help that I had to fit into my wedding dress the next day but I would have ordered the pigeon, it looked amazing one of our party did order it. I was jealous.

The Husband, as he shall now be known, ordered the baked goats cheese, his plate was so pretty.

For my main I ordered the scallops, langoustines and pork belly, which I can generally only order in fancy places as I know there won’t be a huge slab of fatty meat which I am not into, but dainty little squares of yum. It was amazing. I definitely won in the ordering competition.

Plus it was served with samphire my new fave.

And that’s it. Honestly I am quite disappointed and did contemplate not posting this but I am, mostly because it was a great evening and I want to remember it.

Also I wanted to tell you all to go eat here!

Then my bridesmaids and bridesman picked me up and we went for cocktails and got silly drunk… before heading back to mine where I slept like a log. I put it down to good food, good drinks and good friends around me. (soppy soppy)

You can see my other gushing about Bordeux Quay here;
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Thats every part of the place covered!


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