Our Wedding Breakfast

September 5, 2011

So finally I am back, a married lady with a blog post all about our wedding food.

We really wanted our wedding to be all about us, our tastes and things we love to eat.

We started off by serving a rum punch for the after-ceremony drinks, so while the Husband (!) and I had some photographs taken our guests got quite drunk on the surprisingly strong punch.

This was served alongside some very pretty sushi, one of our favourite things to eat when we go out.

Then dinner…

My flowers were like a mini meadow on each table…

I made everyone a little origami love note or a folding paper game like you would have made at school with little dares inside.

Then we sat down to an amazing menu of our perfect dinner.

Grilled peach and halloumi salad, you can see my various fruity salads here; https://pleincommeunoeuf.wordpress.com/tag/salad/

 This is the kind of food we love to eat and I wanted to share this with everyone.

Then what else but steak and chips? This was a beautiful rib eye, it was seriously amazing. I fully tucked into mine before anyone else had theirs.

Very bad manners I know, I think I got away with it being the bride no one was too cross with me!

It was served with chips, french beans and a lovely herbed butter. Perfect.

Fer the vegetarians we wanted to serve something we make a lot but with a special recipe so we asked Riverstation to make a summery risotto, which they did it looked very fresh and light. Just what we were aiming for!

As we had a short wedding, starting at 5 I knew but dessert our evening guests would be arriving so I wanted to have a huge table of desserts for everyone to help themselves to.

Once again we thought about all our favourites and asked Riverstation to load up the table with chocolate brownie, blueberry cheesecake, cherry and almond frangipane tart and of course apple strudel for the Husband.

I also made 3 triple layer carrot cakes for our wedding cakes so that everyone could have a slice. This is again one of the Husbands favourites, I did try to keep this a secret but it got out!

I have made it lots… check out the recipe and how-to here;

That is a drunken Sally and Adam on top of the cake that my Mum made for us.

Later on we served fish (whitebait) and chips in cones, which is my most favourite thing to eat in the world after steak.

So there you go, I of course happen to think our food was great, chosen by us to reflect us and executed perfectly by Riverstation. I cannot recommend the venue more for a wedding or a visit to the restaurant.

You can see more about the wedding over on Swoon, with more blogs coming this week about my vendors and the actual wedding.


4 Responses to “Our Wedding Breakfast”

  1. Congratulations – it all looked amazing. What a great time you and your guests must have had. Hallumi and grilled nectarine salad was one of my summer highlight foods this year and on your recommendation we ended about 6 bbqs with grilled nectarines or peaches. PLEASE can we have a photo of the bride and groom!

  2. Beautiful!! Looks fantastic! Love all the food (am so hungry now for that steak). And yes, PLEASE put up a picture of the bride and groom!

  3. […] We had a huge table of desserts, all our favourites and carrot cake for wedding cake. Adams favourite. See more about the food here; https://pleincommeunoeuf.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/our-wedding-breakfast/ […]

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