August 10, 2011

So at the farmers market on Sunday the Boy spotted that the fishmongers had some samphire, which he loves, and I had never tried… so we got some and I just wondered what you do with it?

I literally just pan-fried ours with a little olive oil and served with our Pieministers… but could you do something a little more exciting?

It’s really delicious stuff, quite salty as you would imagine as it grows by the sea and is known as sea asparagus… check out the wiki page!

It is also very expensive, that lots cost us £5 so be careful when buying because we probably did not need that much!

So what would you do with it? Is this the best way?


One Response to “Samphire”

  1. Claire Says:

    OK, obviously its great with fish – particually anything white and firm. I treat mine like spinach and after dry panfrying it I add a little bit of double cream and nutmeg – yum!

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