My Hen – A Private Supper Club

August 8, 2011

I am a very lucky girl… as part of my AMAZING hen weekend my bridemaids organised for us to have our very own supper club, just us!

I thought I would share the menu with you today as it was full of my favourite foods, the photos below are from Sofi, as mine were rubbish!

First we were served a small salad of smoked beetroot (smoked by the chef himself) with mascarpone and candied walnuts…

Followed by a current favourite of mine grilled peaches and prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella…

Then the main course, a fillet steak kept light with a delicious Vietnamese salad… this steak was amazing and melted in my mouth!

Look at that beef!

Then another massive favourite of mine, granita, this was flavoured with elderflower and lemon…

This was beautiful and really refreshed us for the last two courses…

The first of which was a date and macadamia nut tart with vanilla cream, something I would never order in a restaurant but this was amazing and despite being so full I couldn’t move I finished this!

And finally cheese of course! My favourites again; Keens cheddar, a Somerset brie, a local blue cheese (cannot remember where it’s from) and Cornish Yarg all with different accompaniments and parmesan crackers.


Hannah, Rachael and Sofi the Bridesmaids you rock! I will be sharing the rest of my weekend over at You Make Me Swoon.

And big thanks to Tim from Moreish the chef, who I work with on supper clubs for doing this for us, it was amazing!


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