August 3, 2011

A recommendation today, from Bristol of course.

As usual I must remind you that I don’t pretend to be a restaurant critic so you won’t find amazing descriptions of food just the details I liked, what I ate, what I enjoyed and a nudge to visit the same place.

I had been to Masa once before and had a sashimi plate, which I remember being good but not good enough to visit again, when I prefer another Japanese restaurant in Bristol (we don’t have many granted!) but this time I loved it, we had the Teppanyaki chef which was so fun!

We had our own little private room with the chef cooking on the hot plate in the middle of our table, and we all ordered set Teppanyaki menus.

They all came with Miso soup, which when good I love.

I cannot go to a Japanese restaurant and not have edamame beans.

I love them so much! I eat them like sweets.

Quickly gone!

Then you get a sushi/sashimi plate, this was for 3 people. All great and very fresh .

And tempura vegetables or prawns.

And more sushi…

When our chef arrived he started the show by turning off the lights and making fire on the frying plate!

I had never watched this kind of thing before and it was really cool, he did loads of fun little tricks and was really showing off.

To make egg fried rice he fried the eggs, then mixed them up and rolled them like omelettes before flipping them with his knives into a massive ball of rice so that bits of omelette were flying through the air… none hit us though.

Then he made a heart… love that.

I nearly always order plain rice so this was amazing, I couldn’t tell you if it was great egg fried rice compared to others as I never eat it but I really enjoyed mine, I ate most of it before anything else was ready.

We also had teriyaki prawns… HUGE prawns!

Teriyaki Salmon…

 And teriyaki beef… oh gosh that beef was gooooood.

Then some vegetables… at the point I was fit to burst! So much food.

Then they brought out a little fruit platter for us all, with a little scoop of ice cream with was the perfect thing after all that fried food.

Love Masa, love  Teppanyaki… would definitely do that again.

Our set menus were £23-£25 and you get a huge amount of food plus entertainment from the chef, ours was lovely accommodating a vegetarian very well, and he was very funny joining in with banter on the table.

So yes, go visit the lovely people at Masa, I have to say as well the service was amazing. I haven’t had service that good for a while!

I also had to share a photograph of the Birthday cake, the lucky man’s girlfriend got him actual fireworks in the top, so cool!


2 Responses to “Masa”

  1. Joanna Says:

    That looks amazing. I definitely want to go now and want to try that set meal.

  2. Maud van de Venne Says:

    Thank you for a very good and useful post. Out of interest, what’s the other Japanese restaurant that you prefer?

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