July 15, 2011

Finally Friday is here!

Check out my posts from the week;

Full as an Egg Suppers – July Menu – filling up so book your spot!

A cloud lamp

The cutest rings ever

My new lunch staple

Pale Pink Brogues – Buy them!

Pea pesto – beats the norm any day if you ask me

My dream bicycle

Seventies snake-skin beauties

The weekend is nearly here and I cannot wait.

The Boy is away for his stag so I have the whole house to myself!

I have a personal training session, then I am going to eat chips and drink white wine and do more wedding planning whilst watching Marilyn movies.

Saturday I am shopping for shoes with my bridesmaids and then cooking them dinner at my house then Sunday have an afternoon tea planned… great weekend for me.

I am most excited about the chips, completely cancelling out my PT session but I deserve a treat!

What are you up to? Any cooking plans?


2 Responses to “Friday!”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those rings, going to find out my ring size and order one – so cute!

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