Cucumber Gazpacho

June 29, 2011

The first recipe I am going to share is an easy one, and great for right now with all the sunshine we’re having this week.

The colour is great you can see the health!

This is a great slimming lunch, nothing bad in there and eat enough and you will be full; believe it or not… I used to live on this when I worked in restaurants.

This makes 2 small portions, or 1 large.

you need;
2 small shallots
1 large clove garlic
2 tsp olive oil
1 large cucumber, cut into small chunks
1 large pepper
2 tsp good balsamic vinegar
sea salt and black pepper to taste

1. Saute the shallot and garlic over medium heat for about 3 minutes, until the shallots start to go nice and clear do not let them brown.
Meanwhile, cut the pepper into chunks and remove all its seeds.

2. In a food processor or blender, puree the shallots, garlic, cucumber, pepper, vinegar, and salt together for about 2 minutes. Taste and add more salt if necessary. Keep blending until completely smooth.

Serve chilled and cool your lunch break down!

We also added a little cube of tomato and basil jelly and I found an easy recipe here if you want to recreate this dish for your next dinner party.

A little extra effort for a wow!


3 Responses to “Cucumber Gazpacho”

  1. Joanna Says:

    great recipe and perfect for this weather, may even attempt the tomato jelly. I like the straight pictures too!

  2. Grazing Kate Says:

    Would be interested to try this – sounds very healthy. Was it slurped from the glasses or eaten with a spoon?

  3. Karen Says:

    Hi, What a refreshing easy start for a summer meal…the tomato jelly will really impress foodie friends.

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