Full as an Egg Supper Part 2…

June 28, 2011

So I wanted to share our second supper club photographs with you…

It was yet again a lovely two nights, I had a great time watching and helping prepare the food and even more fun serving it and meeting all the lovely people who came to eat it.

I love to make a little treat for our guests, I think the ladies appreciate it more than the men though.

To start there was a beautiful cucumber gazpacho with a little square of tomato and basil jelly.

This is possibly my favourite summer lunch ever, when I worked at Moreish I ate it all the time when it was on the menu.

We served them in long shot glasses and I just put the serving plate in the middle of the table for everyone to grab themselves one.

The salad was made with heritage tomatoes, these are definitely the best tomatoes I have ever tasted, the fact that there are different colours and tastes is just amazing.

I absolutely loved this salad, we served the tomatoes with a goats cheese and homemade herb salt. Simple and delicious. I could eat this everyday.

The herb salt was the kind of tiny detail that makes a dish brilliant.

Then came the main event, the lamb… this was seared and roasted with a herb crust… a more refined version of the dish I made last week.

We served this with braised lettuce (a must-try at home) and confit potatoes; the naughtiest of them all!

Plus a dressing of salsa verdi. A very summery and light lamb dish.

The vegetarians had it made also, I am not sure which dish I would have prefered. 

Tim made pithiviers (basically the french version of our pasty or pie) with butternut squash and ricotta with sage and served these with some beautiful wild mushrooms and spinach.

I am definitely going to make some of these soon.

So feeling full just reading? Well there are still 3 courses to go, weren’t we good keeping it all light?

The pre-dessert was another little shot glass fun, a mini ‘black forest gateau’, with kirsch soaked cherries, a very light chocolate mousse then topped with a little single cream and a fresh cherry.

I actually got to try one of these on the friday and they were so delicious, much lighter than they looked. The kirsch cherries… well! I might make up a batch they could jazz up any dessert.

Then for the dessert we served a berry mess, or tidy look how perfect they are… little trick is to use a piping bag, then they look like this;

Served with some spiced berries, which I would love to give you all a taste of.

Such a simple addition but I think I will never make this dessert with fresh fruit again as it was so worth the little bit of effort to push this up into WOW!

And finally we served our guests a mini cheese plate, just like the Moreish version. Each cheese comes with its own homemade accompaniment which again make this dish that little bit more special.

I am going to share recipes and how to’s all week for all of these wonderful courses!

You can see more about this and the previous supper by clicking on the supper club tag and at the end of this week I will also announce the next date, YEP we have them in the diary already.

Please email fullasaneggsuppers at gmail if you would like to find out more and join the mailing list.


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