June 21, 2011

On Sunday for Fathers Day the Boy and I treated my Dad to a trip to Demuths, a treat for him and for us.

Finally I made it back to Demuths, I used to be more of a regular visitor but I hadn’t been for years before this visit. I was very excited.

The restaurant is in lovely Bath, tucked away down a little side street near the baths.

I have a little soft spot for restaurants in old buildings that are really not meant to be restaurants, I love Demuths’ little rooms and corners. It’s still very bright and airy though, it’s the high ceilings.

I would never pretend to be a restaurant reviewer, I am passionate about food but I am very much a learner, I offer recommendations of places I have visited and loved.

On the same vein I cannot be a restaurant reviewer because it is rare I go somewhere and eat 3 or more courses, I just can’t do it, so I can rarely offer a comprehensive view of the menu. I even stuck to water this time so I cannot even comment on the wine list.

I will comment on the food though… it’s great!

Demuths is a vegetarian restaurant and everything is oh so delicious and fresh and although I never leave Demuths feeling like I cannot move I always leave full and satisfied.

We started with some bread from the Thoughtful Bread Company, based in Bath. My Mum works in Bath and has told me about them and as a big lover of real bread I wanted to try some.

Next time I am in Bath I will have to pay them a visit.

This was served with rapeseed oil and an applely balsamic, different to olive oil. I approve!

Like I said I am rubbish at eating three courses so I had to leave the starters and light bites, it was a hard decision but knowing how great and pretty the desserts are I had to skip it or I’d pay later!

I really wanted to try the Crostini though, maybe I’ll have to go back soon for a little lunch.

Dad and I went for the Ricotta Tart and the Boy ordered the Urid Wadis, which are little pounded lentil dumplings.

I love pastry, tarts and pies are up there as some of my favourite things to eat, I was worried this would be a little bland but it really wasn’t. The tart was quite strong-tasting and served with amazing roasted new potatoes and confit tomatoes.

Much more filling than I thought it would be.

These are the little dumplings. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try (I was too interested in my food!)

It came with a little jug of sauce which had all the spice, the waitress said maybe try a little before you pour it all on see how spicey it is… but the Boy didn’t do that. He likes spice so he just poured it all on. he very much enjoyed it and although was also afraid he’d be leaving hungry, he was stuffed.

Dessert! Always my favourite course here… and they had my most favourite dessert, Posset!

My Dad and the Boy had a chocolate mousse, which the chef said wasn’t quite set but we were welcome to have it if we didn’t mind… we didn’t.

It definitely wasn’t set but I think it looks good like this, like a little sunken pudding. It was very rich and gorgeous but I am glad, after my tart that I didn’t have a whole one.

That biscuit has pink peppercorns in it!

My blood orange posset came with rhubarb and oats. Loved it, could have eaten another.

Another great thing about Demuths is they have my favourite tea; Lahloo Tea, so I tried an infusion that I hadn’t seen before.

Green Mulberry…

Once again I will insist you try fresh tea leaves if you haven’t yet, they really are 100 times more delicious than tea bags!

Perfect ending!

As you can guess I love Demuths, I highly recommend it for all, even if you are a massive carnivore you can appreciate it (the Boy loves it)

They also have a cookery school, which one day I will definitely be doing a few courses.Vegetarian food is something that really impresses people when you do something interesting.


One Response to “Demuths”

  1. Lesley Hall Says:

    Duncan Glendinning of the Thoughtful Bread Company has won Good Housekeeping’s Food Hero award for 2011 after being shortlisted by Slow Food UK.

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