Yorkshire Provender Soups

June 16, 2011

A little recommendation today.

I am all in favour for always making your food from scratch but it is not always practical when you are working a lot, or out a lot.

Sometimes you need ready-made food, I usually have a few lunch options in the fridge that I don’t have to prepare for those rushed mornings when I have no time to make anything or brain power to think about lunch.

My newest discovery is Yorkshire Provender Soups. They are the best ready-made soups/lunch option I have ever had. Serious!

They are chock full of vegetables, so chunky that you really feel like you are eating lunch not drinking it. I brought each of the small lunch pots and could just about finish them, and was stuffed full every day.

Another bonus is they come in at about 200 calories and there is nothing naughty in them so if you are trying to be healthy or you are on a diet (me!) these are a great option.

I love the whole look and feel of the brand too, something I think is very important.

The small pots come in three recipes at the moment; vegetable with ham and smoked paprika…

Green summer vegetable with rocket and herbs…

And vegetable and chicken broth with kaffir lime…

Very hard to choose a favourite but the herby vegetable with rocket was the first one I tried, so delicious!

They have a website telling you all about they’re little company, and when I emailed them some gushing feedback I got a response from a person which is lovely (Hi Maud!) so go and visit them , check out the stocklists and go get some…


They also do a few more recipes in larger 600ml pots which I am desperate to try but our supermarket keep selling out.


Hmmmm why am I sharing this with MORE people?!


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