Souk, again

June 13, 2011

I know I have blogged about Souk before, but I simply wanted to share this pretty food. The colours are amazing. It was a long time ago anyway and I am sure that all of you haven’t made it yet.

The Boy and I do eat at a lot off different places but we are also creatures of habit, when we know we love somewhere we are beyond loyal. We will go there a lot, as we do with Souk and we will tell everyone we know to go there. Hence why I am telling you all to go. Again!

We always get the bread and dips, because they are also so pretty and different and great.

Not that you should overlook the meze or starters, I can highly recommend most of the dishes!

I used to always get the same things, on rotation but recently the specials have been so great that I am changing it up a little.

This time I went for a special; Dab.

Which came with a beautiful potato salad with flowers in, I love that. So pretty.

My food was so fresh and light but I have to admit I was very jealous when The Boy’s food arrived.

He went for lamb chops from the main menu.

So much so that the next time we went back I ordered it, without even looking at anything else. They were great, I have a new-found love of lamb.

I love that Souk is always busy now, that we struggle to walk up and get a table like we used to, although the staff are so lovely that we nearly always do if we’re early or late enough they squeeze us in.

I highly recommend it to all, even if you don’t live South then you should make the trip, for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I love that it is on my doorstep.

 Read my first blog about Souk here and go and visit very soon!


3 Responses to “Souk, again”

  1. natsinnarth Says:

    It all looks delicious. My mouth is watering, and I’ve just had dessert. Will def try this place out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. […] then I had lamb chops at Souk and so I decided to try to cook some myself. The Boy’s sister was staying with us this week […]

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