Jerk Sunday

June 10, 2011

Do you like Jerk chicken? If so I suggest that this weekend you head to Southville Farmers Market at the Tobacco Factory and go visit Miles on his stand.

It’s the best Jerk I’ve had in Bristol.

The Boy goes A LOT, it’s a regular meeting for him and his friends… girls are not allowed to join them, to be fair we do actually ruin it.

Last time another girlfriend and I joined them we kept laughing at the conversations about various computer games or music or Rhianna.

But now and again we go along, eat chicken with the boys and laugh at them. It’s fun.

You need ginger beer.

The Boy already gets Jerk chicken, rice and pea.

Miles also sells goat curry, patties and banana and salt fish fritters.

If I’m not hungry enough for a (massive) portion of chicken I get a veggie patty. I love them.

Miles always gives the boys loads, regulars get good treatment here!

The Boy also has a thing about the salt fish fritters, I have to admit they are good.

So this Sunday, skip the roast and go get some Jerk!

I have made both Jerk and patties before if you want to give a go click the links for recipes.


2 Responses to “Jerk Sunday”

  1. OOoo, I may have to give this a try to keep me going whilst tending my lampshade stall on the 26th June at the Tobacco Factory market. Ta for review!

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