Springtime Pasta

May 24, 2011

 So once again I disappeared from full as an egg, and this time I have an even better excuse than last time, if you know me or follow me on twitter this will not be news to you but I got engaged last week (yay!) see here and here for stories.

We have decided to get married before we go travelling so we had a very busy week of organising, but the majority is done now (yep, really!) and I am going to try harder!

I did manage to cook something though, a quick dinner of pasta with lots of green. This is for two, it’s a simple dish that you can adapt for more people or play about with the ingredients. I have called it Springtime Pasta purely because it has asparagus in it!

You need; per person
3 balls tagliatelle 
couple spoonfuls half fat creme fraiche
a good handful of rocket
sprinkle of toasted pine nuts
1-2 slices prosciutto
4-5 spears asparagus

Like I said so so simple, I also added some lemon zest and juice and lots of black pepper, you don’t need to cook anything expect the pasta and asparagus and then just chuck it all together.

It takes minutes and is good for you (even better if you use wholemeal pasta) and tasty because of the naughties!


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