Hot Lunch Spot – The Pear Cafe

May 9, 2011

A mini post for another Hot Lunch Spot!

The Pear Cafe is Elly from Montpelier Basement’s cafe… it is a bit of a trek from my office so I never get to go there for treats… but in the long bank holiday break I made it finally.

I love it, it’s so cute.

The lunch options are so good, lots of healthy options too… I love the suggestions board on the wall for those moments when you have no idea what you want!

Everything is made to order so I have no photographs of the food… some favourites are: homemade falafel, homemade hummous, sweet chilli sauce and salad on a three seed roll, and pastrami, gherkins, mayo, wholegrain mustard and salad on a three seed roll and mature Cheddar, homemade coleslaw and wholegrain mustard on a baguette… plus soups and salads and the cakes are amazing. 

The menu is here

I love the sunny courtyard, I stayed here to eat my sandwich.

You MUST try the brownies.

The Pear Cafe


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