Bishopston Tea Party

May 3, 2011

So it is back to work for most after a long weekend, I have been off for 11 days but coming back was not that painful, am eager to get back to a routine, and very much need to get back to the gym as my time off mostly consisted of being very very naughty indeed.

One of those days was an amazing afternoon tea, thrown by Danielle at The Resting Chef at her house in Bishopston. I have still to make one of her supper clubs so was thrilled to be free for her tea… it is my most favourite thing.

Danielle went IN. She made enough to feed an army… it was all delicious too, I cannot tell you how stuffed I was when I left!

We arrived to ice tea from Lahloo Tea.

With a beautiful table of Cornish ware and cakes… and more!

The cheese scones ruled the day for me, I think I ate at least 4!

See… so much food!

There were also finger sandwiches and a whole selection of tea from Lahloo, plus the fresh coffee kept coming which for me was much-needed that day!

Big thanks to Danielle from myself and the Boy who very much enjoyed the treats I brought home for him.

Danielle hosts supper clubs regularly, check her blog and subscribe for more details.


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