Full as an Egg Suppers – Our Launch

March 21, 2011

Tim of Moreish and I launched our Supper Club on Thursday and Friday, and it was brilliant.

We had some lovely guests, the food was amazing (thanks Tim!) and I had lots of fun decorating the table, trying the food and hosting.

I love making a table look nice, and although I kept it simple I think it looks very spring like and pretty!

I printed out the menus on some nice card and gave everyone a flowery place setting.

I cannot wait to do more!

I thought I would share some photographs of the food and then talk about some of the food and how to make it at home if you want to in the blog over the next few weeks.

So we started with a pre starter of spicy tomato and coconut soup and coconut and cashew sambal which was quite sweet and perfect as a small appetizer.

The sambal is the nutty mix on top, its cashews, coconut, herbs and seasoning… so good.

Then there was a starter of chicken liver parfait, red wine and port jelly, pickles and sourdough toast.

The bread was provided to us by John Dixon who is hoping to launch his own bakery soon, I will talk more about the bread in another blog coming very soon, it deserves a dedicated post!

The parfait was so creamy, and the jelly on top was great cutting through the richness. They were quite large but most people still managed to scoff the whole lot!

For the vegetarians we served wild mushrooms, fried quails egg on ricotta toast. This. was. beautiful. I so want to make this for breakfast.

The fish course was a great palate cleanser after the rich parfait before the duck.

Everyone adored this course; orange cured salmon, avocado, orange salad + orange dressing.

Originally Tim wanted to cure sea-trout but for some reason, although it is in season we couldn’t get any from anywhere.

This was beautiful, the salmon was so delicate with the taste of orange coming through at the end.

Together with the avocado, orange and fennel this was such a fresh dish, the kind of meal I want to live on this summer. Several people said it was their favourite course.

The vegetarians had a similar salad with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes replacing the salmon.

Then the main… roasted breast of duck, shallot tatin, pickled cabbage, shallot puree + spiced jus

This was so tasty, Tim, Hannah (our helper) and I all made ourselves mini versions of the dinner rather than having nibbles. It all worked so well together, both nights this dish was a stand out favourite.

I do love a good puree, and this shallot puree was so good, we couldn’t stop eating it!

For the vegetarians, an onion and parmesan tart with roasted shallots and pickled cabbage.

Then another palate cleanser before jumping in with the rich dessert.

The pre dessert… a mini roasted rhubarb trifle

Finally the dessert… chocolate mousse, salt caramel + honeycomb

The dessert really finished people off, a layer of salt caramel, chocolate then honeycomb, it was big and so amazing.

I really had a lovely time on both evenings, and although I planned on hosting and chatting a lot more, I actually couldn’t get a word in edgeways as the table seemed to be getting on so well both evenings that I left them to it.

I will hopefully be announcing our next dates very soon so keep an eye on my Twitter @fullasanegg or email fullasaneggsuppers at gmail to join the mailing list and be the first to hear!

There are some reviews of this night online too… check them out.

Bristol Bites

The Resting Chef

This is Bristol

Thanks again to everyone for coming, to Tim for cooking all of the amazing food and to our helper Hannah who made the whole evening stress free and so fun!


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