Full as an Egg Suppers – March Menu

March 15, 2011

So the first Full as an Egg supper is nearly here!

I mentioned I am hosting for a chef, that chef is Mr Tim Moores of Moreish in Redland…

I used to work with Tim at Moreish and although I no longer work full time in the restaurant industry I do still love it and am very happy to be able to get back into it in a small way.

We have big plans for Full as an Egg Suppers and hope that this is the start of something great, we are starting small with two nights of 8 people to see how it all works (with Tim cooking on his own, in a domestic kitchen) and what challenges we haven’t foreseen!

So! The Menu arrived from Tim this morning, here it is…

pre starter… spicy tomato and coconut soup + coconut and cashew sambal

starter… chicken liver parfait, red wine and port jelly, pickles + toast

fish course… cured sea trout, avocado, orange salad + orange dressing

mains… roasted breast of duck, shallot tatin, pickled cabbage, shallot puree + spiced jus

pre dessert… mini roasted rhubarb trifle

dessert… chocolate mousse, salt caramel + honeycomb

Mmmmmm I hope I get to try this!

So details are here, we are now fully booked but please get in touch if you would like to come as we have started a waiting list.

Do get in touch if you would like to come. Excitement!


2 Responses to “Full as an Egg Suppers – March Menu”

  1. Grazing Kate Says:

    Sounds fantastic – could you please start up the ‘underground supper’ phenomenon in South Devon please? We are about 10 years behind Bristol so I expect I’ll get to go to one eventually.

    Menu sounds great – would appeal to most people, but great flavours and definitely more adventurous than most people would make for themselves on a Sat night.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing post-event pics.

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