Use your Butcher…

March 4, 2011

So another non-recipe post today, I do apologise but I am a little under the weather and nothing I have made this week has been good enough to blog.

So another post from my week away and to also press upon you to use your butcher! If I am preaching to the converted look away now, if you love the supermarket then read on!

These photographs are from Walter Rose and Co in Devizes, a rather large detour was made on our way to the cottage to go here, as last year when eating at a pub in Wiltshire the Boy has “the best steak ever”, quite a claim from him! So I thought since it’s kind of on the way lets swing by and pick up some meat for our first night in the cottage.

Now this is no ordinary butcher, they have stacks of treats piled up everywhere around the shop, from chutneys, jams and sauces to chocolates, sweets and gifts… we got some great chutney, I love having a god stock of jams and chutneys to liven up sandwiches at home.

These are my favourite!

They also had a huge amount of cheese… some real gems here. We ouldn’t resist.

Plus lots of other produce, local milk, freshly squeezed juice, smoked fish, posh pates, prepared meats, pies, quiches the list goes on!

So the reason we were there, meat…

So obviously this is the main reason you go to see a butcher. They are knowledgable about the meat in their shop. We asked for advice, told him what we were looking for, he recommended the sirloin cut that day. He also cut the meat right in front of us, so we got to choose the size of our steaks.

All this is not the service you get in the supermarket. You know the meat is fresh, you can probably find out exactly how fresh, and where it came from. You can have meat prepared for you, exactly the way you want it, without having to mess about with it yourself (something that appeals to me as an ex-veggie) but also the quality is just so much better. Don’t believe me? Try!

Find out where your best local butcher is, go and visit and introduce yourself, build up a relationship.

Our local butcher recently closed for a short period as it was sold. Luckily for me it has been bought by someone who wants to continue the business as it was, only better by adding more produce. The meat from there is always amazing, I never saw the point in bacon until I had eaten some from here, having only had rubbish watery stuff before.

It might be a little more expensive, I agree. My way of dealing with this is to eat less meat, it is not the best for your body or the environment so eating less is a good thing, and then when you do eat it, eat the best and it will be so worth the wait!

Check out our steaks, look at the colour!

My local butchers is Bob Wherlock on North St in Bristol – Highly recommended!

There are a few great ones on Gloucester Road in Bristol, one  is Dave Giles or Murray’s, where if you visit on a Saturday, they sell hot dogs and burgers outside the shop, you can smell them a mile away!

USE your butcher or they will disappear forever! North St people this is more important than ever now we are going to have a huge supermarket very near.


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