Smoked Garlic Smashed Potatoes

February 18, 2011

An easy side dish…

I am only posting this to get you all to try smoked garlic, I got some recently from Source and finally got round to using it last night in the simplest way possible… to make some garlic potatoes.

It was a pain to get into…

But so worth it, smoked is my new favourite flavour!

You need;
3/4 medium red-skinned potatoes, cut into bite size chunks and boiled for 7-8 minutes
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Olive Oil, the best you can get
1 clove of smoked garlic -if you can’t find it I am sure this would be just as yummy with some crushed garlic

So once your potatoes are boiled chuck them in a skillet with a good glug of the oil (when its hot) and the garlic, loads of seat salt and black pepper and smash them around.

That’s it… yummy with chicken.

I am going to make these a lot.


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