Montpelier Basement Supper Club

January 29, 2011

I finally made it to my first ever supper club!

If you haven’t heard about these, it’s something that is becoming popular all over but has been around in London/NY/all them big cities for a long time.
Basically some lovely people open their home, cook you a lovely dinner and then you donate some money…

I went to the amazing Montpelier Basement, which you have probably seen or heard about if you live in Bristol and read papers (Guardian/Telegraph/Venue have reviewed these guys are so hot right now)

After hearing about it through Twitter and booking via email, you arrive at the address, and call the number given… walk down some stairs and you are seated at your table… they have room for 17 here!

I took along a little gift of some gourmet vinegars (you know I am a good guest) I hate arriving empty-handed and since they would not get to share my wine…

I love the details… the big print on the stairs, the lighting (soft; hence the dark photographs, apologies), the music; 40’s swing, I felt like I was at a secret speak-easy.

The menu board…

…and the place setting; cute cutlery and tea towels for napkins…

We started with Keen’s Cheddar Palmiers… I really want to make these they were so tasty… served by Elly from a lovely tierd stand…

Followed by Creamed Onion Soup with Cider, I was so happy to see a little bowl arrive, with 4 more courses to go I didn’t want to fill up on soup but they have the portions just right…

Then the fish course; Baked Cornish diver caught scallops with tarragon crumb, scallops are my favourite shell-fish in the world, this was perfect, served with bread to mop up the tarragon crumby butter, I devoured this quickly…

Then the main, I have to admit I failed to be adventurous here and went for the veggie option over steak and kidney pudding as I had never eaten kidney, the Boy and my friend Tam who was my date, and who are both devoted carnivores also hate the stuff made me think I should stay safe this time…

Mushroom, Caramelised Onion and Thyme Suet Pudding  with Roast Shallots, Potato, Celeriac and Cavolo Nero

I wasn’t sorry though, this was so good, I loved the mash, I love anything potato-related but add a little celeriac and I am in heaven.. and you know I love Cavalo Nero…

Then we had a little palate cleanser… Somerset Cider Brandy & Barleywood Juice Ice and controversially I would say this was my favourite course, I know it’s not proper food and all the other courses probably took a lot more effort but this was beautiful!

Elly has kindly put the recipe up on her blog so hopefully I will be able to recreate this soon…

It went in seconds…

By this time I had, had a little to drink and when the dessert arrived I was worried that I couldn’t fit anymore food in, but it arrived and I had to try right?

So I did, and the apple fritters were so light and the ice cream was so good that I had to eat it!

Unfortunately I forgot myself at this stage and didn’t take any more photographs, so another guest has kindly let me steal his…

The menu photograph is also his, thank you EuWen Teh for lending me your (far superior) photographs.

I was a little apprehensive about going to a supper club and sitting with a group of people I had never met before but we had a lovely table of people (and two more bloggers; Stokes Croft Town Crier and HelsWrites) and it turned out that I had a great time chatting as well as enjoying the food.

And big thank you to Elly and Dan for the wonderful evening, I really hope I’ll be back soon… if I can get a spot!


2 Responses to “Montpelier Basement Supper Club”

  1. Oh, that looks amazing! I really want to go to one of these at some point. :)

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