A fish supper, plaice with capers and lemon thyme…

January 25, 2011

I got this book from the Boy for my birthday… I saw it in a bookshop and loved it, I hope it will help me to become a more creative cook who doesn’t always need a recipe…

It works just like a thesaurus, you have an ingredient and you look it up and there are different pairings and a little paragraph explaining why it works… and you can then create your dish.

I freely admit I started with an easy one… a trip to the fishmongers for squid also produced two lovely plaice fillets, and I paired them with lemon thyme and lemon zest…

Then I remembered we had some capers so chucked those on as well, and left while I made calamari (a fish night!)…

To cook I pan-fried for 2 minutes on each side, it’s fun to watch plaice shrink, it goes fast!

We served with what was possibly too strong a tasting salad for this fish but it was really nice (rocket, good olive oil, sweet pepper and avocado)… and couldn’t resist…

Sweet potato chips as well!

… plus candlelight, always a winner…


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