Sending love…

January 19, 2011

I have always loved stationary and since reading blogs like Oh So Beautiful Paper and Paper Crave that love has grown…

I mostly love buying people cards, something I get from my Mum who always searches for that perfect card for your birthday and Christmas, at Graduation and sometimes for no reason at all… it’s something I love to do.

There are some beautiful cards around for Valentines… step away from Clinton Cards with those cheesy lines, buy a beautiful piece of letterpress that can be treasured and kept forever, write your own heartfelt message, it will mean the world to your special someone!

So here are a few of my favourites… once again we are with Etsy for a few of these.

Some soppy…

This one is simple and oh so cute… a good one for a best friend from Steel Petal Press

Or this one….

For the one who thinks the Sandy and Danny saga is the greatest love story… from Richie Design

Simple, but says it all from Green Grass Press

And this one, Bee Mine!

This one is from B Designs… passionate!

This one from Beau Ideal

A big kiss from Paisley Dog Press

And this one from dude and chick for all the writers out there…

And some not so soppy…

I love this one from Sycamore Street Press…

And this one, which has a naughty hint…

This one is brilliant… not a heart in sight, from Smock Letterpress

This one says it all, although not one for vegetarians… from Richie Design

A very modern card… from Paisley Dog Press

And finally for those of you who haven’t made your mind up about who you want to be your Valentine, this set of three from Chewing the Cud is brilliant

Or this set from Rifle Paper Co, one of my favourite stationary shops (I am so getting business cards from them soon!)

This is the one I gave last year, from Ruth Springer Design… ‘My Heart is in your hands’

I love pop up cards!

I hope you find a great one, I already have mine I haven’t shared it here but its amazing (Don’t want a certain someone to see!)

I actually have two because I couldn’t decide… I’m just surprised I stopped at two with all these beauties… how very restrained of me ;)



2 Responses to “Sending love…”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my little cards! I’m so flattered.

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