The key to my heart…

January 18, 2011

My second valentines posts is a little Etsy gift guide… a few gems I have found.

I adore Etsy, I find such beautiful things on there, and I get most of my cards from here (card guide coming very soon!)

It’s a website that gives a marketplace to independent sellers, which is why I love it so. Most of the sellers are in the US, and they are loving letterpress over there so there is tons on here.

Here you go… some beautiful gift ideas… get to Etsy and have a look around there is so much more, I am merely scratching the surface here

A lovely decorative bowl, from Palomas Nest

Flowers are always the best gift, not cheesy boys! But these will last forever… from handmadecollectables

A cute heart wand for a girly gift… this would be nice for my God-Daughter… from Imagination Kids

This amazing key and heart gift… from Art Mind

And these would be useful and they’re too cute! From beehivekitchen

And in the theme of making and crafting you could make the best wrapping paper with this stamp… or your own card, from Nora Jane

A very cute idea… a Heart factory!! From Pearson Mason

Or this naughty print from Linocutboy… my favourite, and not too slushy!

A very cute play on words… from Tortoise Loves Donkey

Or send someone far away a message in a bottle from Miniature Rhino

Etsy is great and the creativity on there is amazing, enjoy!


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