I wear my heart on my sleeve…

January 17, 2011

This is the start of a few Valentines posts… be warned I might get soppy! Look away for a few days if you are not into all this Valentines hype!

I will still post a few recipes too

Look at all these pretty things I want to wear on Valentines…

This jumper and tee from twostringjane on Etsy…

Or these amazing sweats from one of my favourite brands Wildfox (from Harvey Nicks and ASOS)…

Or this cutie tee to show how you feel…

with a bright red skater skirt

Finished off with red lipstick and this… reeeally want this!

Or this kicky beret from Zara Carpenter

And finally these are the cutest! From Stella McCartney

Cute right?

Perfect for a date or just to make Valentines day more lovely…

If you’re cooking for your other half then keep it light and easy, don’t make so much food all you want to do is slob out and sleep!

Some things I might cook;
Pear Crostini
Red Chilli Fish Patties
Lemon, Chilli and Mint Chicken
Mackeral and Spring Onion Risotto
Cherry Brownies
Little Chocolate Puddings
or there’s a whole menu here if you want to spoil someone

Or even better don’t cook at all order in some dim sum or sushi, get some champagne and put on some Barry White! Obento deliver in Bristol now :)

If you do want to go out, and just go straight for cocktails at Harvey Nicks and then get chips on the way home from Christmas steps!
Balance out the posh with the best chips in the city…

or try The Rummer my absolute favourite bar in Bristol, book yourselves a sofa by the fire, get a bottle of red and a cheese platter to share and stay there all night…

or for a really fun, casual date go to the Coronation Tap and get silly drunk on very strong cider before a walk back through Clifton village… make sure you eat dinner before this one!
(this might be my favourite idea!)



4 Responses to “I wear my heart on my sleeve…”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Loveliest post on Valentine’s Day and I agree with all of it. Fabulous suggestions :)

  2. Jonathan Says:

    far too CUTE!! loving your blog Sally!

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