Primrose Cafe…

January 5, 2011

On a Christmas shopping mission in Clifton the Boy, his parents and I stopped by The Primrose Cafe for some lunch, this is just a mini post to recommend it… so apologies for the rubbish photographs just wanted to share with you!

I have been here many times for breakfast and lunch whenever I visit Clifton Village, and it is always packed, it is an independent so I think this has something to do with it, plus service is quick and easy (apart from the queuing)

I love their starry ceiling…

I used to hate foam but recently have become addicted to cappuccino… this was a good one… it always surprises me how many places in Bristol have no idea what a cappuccino is…

 Cutie flowers on the table!

I went for Croque Monsieur this time… reeeeally good! A proper French version, with lots of cheese and sauce… 

The Boy had rarebit, again they had done it properly, this wasn’t cheese on toast which is what I find most places give you…

And his parents had breakfasts… like I said a mini post not lots of photographs or info, but another Bristol gem so if you haven’t been then pay them a visit!

(A little tip though, downstairs is very busy and the door will be opening a lot so go upstairs if you can)


One Response to “Primrose Cafe…”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Good place for people watching too – I saw David Walliams there!

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