Happy New Year!

December 31, 2010

As I won’t be here at midnight…

I wanted to share some lovely blogs I follow and their new year updates… these are so good and really made me think about what I want from the coming year…

First from Poppytalk lots of lovely resolutions like be more positive (mine last year, carry it over every year, makes for a very happy life)

From Design for Mankind some non-goals, rather than making goals you can’t stick to, reflect on 2010 and think about what you have achieved, this is a great idea…

From Maquette, lots of great ideas from a few bloggers;

This is one I really like; I resolve to only purchase items that I truly love and that compliment my life, and not just products that fill the space or because they have a small price tag.

I also love Erin’s “Be a Mary Bailey sort of wife (from It’s A Wonderful Life)” my top movie of ALL TIME… an amazing resolution, I am not a wife but this is a nice thing to want to be.

Mine so far;

To stop worrying about what other people think (this is going to be tough)
To release those who treat me badly from my life
To continue being the most positive person I can be (going to try harder at this!)
To continue to cook lots, and develop my craft loving ways even further (that’s home-made gifts coming your way people!)
To read more books (Would love to be more specific but I promise to start in January!)

And to follow in Erin’s footsteps I am proud of…
How I have become a positive person
How I have really valued all my friends and family and worked hard at seeing as much of everyone as I can (though never as much as I would like)
How I have become an avid thank you letter writer
I have worked hard to give all my friends and family lovely gifts this year (I hope!)… I promise to continue to make this a priority, I love to give presents.

I hope everyone has a great night tonight, whether you’re staying in (I’m a little jealous I could do with a night in) or going out… D I S C O… like me!

I will also be celebrating two whole years with Adam tonight! My Big Love!

Wish I had these shoes for tonight, although not very Victorian horror, they are very New Year! Couldn’t resist sharing xx


3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Lesley Says:

    Happy New Year Sally – I’m so proud of you!

  2. […] Last year I only made one silly resolution as I was away and mostly thought about that stuff when we returned to the UK in February but two years ago I made these. […]

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