Toad in the Hole…

December 17, 2010

It is freezing right now and I keep getting colds, which sucks… *sniff*

So I decided I need a major comfort dinner, a big hug in a meal… toad in the hole!

I called the Boy to check he liked it, I got  ‘Hell Yes!’ so off I went to buy sausages on my lunch break…

From the sausage shop in St Nicks Market…

This shop is amazing… always have a queue, and sell much more than sausages…

They also have chutney, sauces, Carmel puddings (try their sticky toffee chocolates AMAZING!)…

And the sausages… they are B I G and so so good, I followed the recipe and brought 6, but I really should have just got 4 as this was too much!

Having never made it before (or Yorkshire’s!) I turned to Delia for some help… using this recipe as my guide

6 sausages
1 tbsp oil
75g plain flour
1 large egg
75ml semi-skimmed milk
sea salt and black pepper
55ml water

225g onions
2 tbsp oil
1 level tbsp caster sugar
1 dessert spoon Worcestershire sauce
425ml vegetable stock
1 dessert spoon plain flour
sea salt and black pepper

heat the oven to 225c

First we need to make the batter,  sieve the flour into a large bowl, holding the sieve up high to air the flour.
Make a well in the centre, break the egg into it and add some salt and pepper.

Measure the milk and 55 ml water in a measuring jug and then with an electric hand slowly whisk the egg into the flour.
Then add the liquid gradually, stopping to scrape the flour into the mixture, keep going until the batter is smooth.  Pop to one side…

Chuck your onions into a roasting tray with the sugar and a light coating of oil, shake around to coat evenly.

Place the sausages in the dish you will use to make the toad in hole and place in the oven on a low shelf, with  the onions on a high shelf and bake for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes remove the sausages from the oven but leave the onions in for a further 4-5 minutes so they go nice and crispy. When they are ready, remove them and leave to one side

(Here I fried my sausages a little longer in a frying pan, purely because they were so huge I wanted to make sure they were cooked and nice and crispy)

Now place the dish containing the sausages over direct heat turned to medium and, if the sausages haven’t released much fat, add the tablespoon of oil.
When the tin is really hot and the oil is beginning to shimmer – it must be searing hot – quickly pour the batter in all around the sausages, keeping your dish very hot is the secret I am told!

Immediately return the roasting tin to the oven, this time on the highest shelf, and cook the whole thing for 30 minutes.

When the toad is ready, it should be puffed brown and crisp and the centre should look cooked and not too squidgy.

I know most people have their way of making gravy but it’s not something I normally do, as the Boy’s gravy is great so I have no need!
So I carried on following Delia…

First add the Worcestershire sauce and mustard powder to the stock, then add the onions from the baking tray to a medium-sized pan (I didn’t have any mustard powder but I did add a large splash of red win)

Add the second teaspoon of oil, then, using a wooden spoon, stir in the plain flour.

Stir all this together over a medium heat and then switch to a whisk, then gradually add the stock to the pan, whisking all the time, until it’s all in.

Then bring it up to simmering point and gently simmer for 5 minutes. Taste to check the seasoning, then pour into a warmed serving jug.

 My plate is not very pretty, but this was so yummy!

I served with pan-fried Cavalo Nero, with garlic and shallots, and the Skillet Carrots I blogged last week too… YUM!

2 Responses to “Toad in the Hole…”

  1. Claire Says:

    Was a brill recipe – I made it last night and it was a hit! Thanks Sally

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