Mooching about Hampstead, and a great butchers and providore…

November 25, 2010

If you hadn’t already guessed I really loved Hampstead, I had a lovely weekend there and enjoyed mooching about looking at all the amazing houses and gorgeous shops…

Another thing I loved about Hampstead was that there was gorgeous pâtisseries everywhere, one near us was called Paul’s, (a London chain) I was desperate to buy cakes but didn’t think they would survive the trip home, so just nibbled on samples and grabbed some bread…

One shop we could not resist was this Butchers… we tried for all of an hour but soon headed back that way to grab some steak for dinner… The Hampstead Butchers and Providore

I think it was the sausages being sold outside and the window of steaks that got us…

Not just a butchers but also a providore they had all kinds of fresh produce and products… check out this table of treats… brownies, all kinds of tarts, cakes and huge home-made scotch eggs

It’s a well stocked store and (if you were being naughty) you could definitely do a full shop here!

They even make ready meals, although generally I disapprove of ready meals I admit there are times when they are great… I think this would be one of them, I doubt very much they are full of nasties

Homemade sausage rolls, one of my vices, it took all my willpower not to get one of these…

Focaccia Bread that smelt so yummy…

They even had some treats to taste…

Plus the poshest cat food I have ever seen… I really should have gotten Biggie the cat some but I fear he’d never go back to the normal stuff.

A cheese and wine shop at the back…

With more samples!

Wrapping our purchase, a proper knowledgable butcher, with a saw in his apron…

I made the huge mistake of asking for a small one, in my defense they looked massive, and were expensive and I didn’t want to buy a huge one and not eat it… but I regretted it, one of the best steaks I have had, ever… and it was a rib eye but I would even rate it better than the last fillet I had.

This is the Boy’s much bigger steak, with a tomato jam and pan-fried nutmeg spinach and sweet potato chips.

If you ever this way check this place out, I think I will definitely be engineering a trip back soon.


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