Dinner in Hampstead… dim t…

November 22, 2010

A few weekends ago I was staying with friends in Hampstead and have blogged our breakfast already, but have only just got around to blogging this dinner after a busy few weeks, I am very behind!

We had driven from Bristol that night and after battling with the horrendous London traffic for a good few hours decided to head out rather than staying in to cook.

Ducking into the nearest place we could find that we all agreed on, on a horrible drizzly night…

We lucked out… all the food was great and the 5 spice squid was the talk of our weekend… mmmmmmm I could eat that squid right now!

Dim t is a small chain of Asian and Oriental food and actually have a number of restaurants across London.

I apologise for the quality of the photographs, it was quite dark… but I still wanted to share because I really enjoyed all of the food that night.

The obligatory crackers you eat whilst looking at the menu only made us hungrier… there’s a reason you shouldn’t go to a restaurant TOO hungry…

So we all nibbled on grilled vegetable gyoza dumplings, prawn toasts, edamame beans, and THAT squid… so tender and melty…

Just in case I hadn’t got the point across about how good the squid was… we ate this is 1 minute flat… and so had to order another plate, and I know for a fact if our mains hadn’t had arrived so soon after that, that we would have ordered another.

See what I mean, 4 very hungry (and a little tipsy) people) means you order A LOT of food…

We still had mains to come… Piggys!

Sarah had some Japanese noodles, rice noodles with lemongrass, roasted coconut, and a ton of vegetables in a spicy Thai style sauce…

The Boy had Laska… with prawns, at first missing but then found again right at the bottom soaking up all the yummy liquid. Made with Vermicelli noodles, prawns and squid with pak choi in the laska broth…

Aand Jim had Thai (battered) fish… which I reeeally wanted but had a craving for something else so resisted, was almost glad I did until I saw how big it was… gutted. This was served with Pak Choi and sweet chilli sauce…

My craving was for bang bang chicken, ever since I had dinner with work-c0lleagues and someone had the most amazing bang bang (a spicy peanut dressing) I have tasted… this was a salad version dressing with sesame and soy sauce and but was great, and defianately filling enough…

We cleaned our plates!

My only complaint is that although we were given dessert menus when we tried to order  (a couple to share… honest) I was told that the kitchen had closed…

I think thats really bad, not only were people still in the restaurant, we had actually been given menus… naughty.

Probably a good thing though, we had all eaten enough.

We did, however get the most depressing fortune cookies ever… you want some inspiration after dinner not depression!

All in all I think it’s a great restaurant and wish we had one in Bristol. 


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