Little Goey Chocolate Puddings… the easiest dessert I know!

November 19, 2010

These are my staple dinner party pudding, firstly because you can make them up to a day in advance therefore a no hassle pud on the night, plus they only take about 15 minutes in total to prepare anyway… so good!

Plus they are ultra impressive and goey.

 Serves 4-6 depending on the ramekin size

you need;
200g fine dark chocolate
60g butter
100g caster sugar
3 eggs
2 lightly heaped tablespoons nutella
Set the oven @ 200c and lightly butter ramekins

break the chocolate into rough pieces and melt in the microwave, also melt the butter (strictly the recipe says to do this with a water bath but Nigella uses this way and it works, and is far less messy)

put the sugar in a mixing bowl, separate the eggs and add the yolks beat until thick and creamy

whisk the egg whites until airy and almost stiff

stir the butter into the chocolate then add the nutella then fold the mixture into the egg and sugar then carefully fold in the egg whites with a metal spoon

be calm, don’t overmix…

bake for 10-12 minutes

You really don’t need to serve anything with them as they are all goey and lovely inside, but I served some berries and creme fraiche just to lighten them up a bit, as they are quite rich

Enjoy… don’t just save them for when friends are visiting either, they’re too easy make some for you, for tonight!


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