Breakfast in Hampstead…

November 11, 2010

Last weekend we were invited to stay in London with some friends at their parents pad in Hampstead…

It’s in a beautiful old building that used to be a hospital… it even has turrets!

Some Spice Girls live here too, there are messages from (crazed) fans on the wall opposite!

As we had a full Saturday of seeing friends and parties planned I offered to make a thank you breakfast for our hosts to set us up for the day, and spared no expense… well while in Hampstead!

I just thought I would share because it’s a crowd pleaser, great for those who don’t eat meat a good healthy but really filling alternative to bacon and eggs.

So I visited Source in St Nicks market before we left and got some amazing fresh (still warm) bread, some smoked salmon, spinach and local duck eggs…

The bread was beautiful, a little like ciabatta… I don’t often eat white bread so it’s a treat when it’s this good

This breakfast is very easy, first you need to make a pesto. I used a good handful of pine nuts, 2 handfuls of spinach (too early for basil!) and 1 very small clove of garlic plus salt and pepper and grind up until almost smooth…

Then panfry your spinach (you can steam if you like but this way is a little less wet)…

Then poach your eggs and pile it all on some toast… Amazing.

If you have never tried duck eggs before please do, they are almost meaty, so much more tasty than your standard supermarket eggs and the yolk (the best bit) is huge!

(idea stolen from Cafe Delight on G. Road :D)


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