Hot Lunch Spot… Friska, Feel Good Food…

August 9, 2010

So recently the Boy watched The Cove, I have been advised not to watch it, being a massive wimp about this stuff I would be traumatised for weeks!

It has made us both think about the food we eat a little more and so we are going to try to be more mindful about the meat and fish we eat. No more supermarket fish for a start…

In the same vein it makes grabbing lunch a little harder, except when you have a little treat like Friska near your office as they are all over the ‘Good Food Network’.

This is a programme they have started to educate in schools, check out their website for more information

They can tell you where anything on their menu has come from, from their ‘Family Tree’, and the menu choices are much better than your normal lunch options… healthy and tasty and so fresh, this is my new favourite spot.

So we can eat here for lunch safe in the knowledge that our food has been resourced without cruelty and is sustainable. They are also, of course, very good at recycling…

The menu is here, with soups, wraps, salad, hot skewers with rice and slaw, and more, and they change it quite regularly… you will never get bored with this menu.

They also do breakfast, again from the healthy bircher option to amazing sausage and bacon ciabattas.

They also have lot of yummy treats and drinks, it’s not all saintly goodness here, there is some naughtiness too…

the Italian anti-pasti and the ploughman’s looked amazing I must get this next visit…

The whole concept and space of Friska is great as well, the staff are also great, you are welcomed and if it’s your first time they explain how everything works briefly, from the food in the fridge ready to go to the ordering of hot food…

the cafe space is lovely as well, huge big oaky tables to sit at with lots to read scattered about…

Plus a huge shelf full of cookery books, inspiration prehaps?

on this visit I went for a healthy option, purely because I was training that day so could not have what I wanted (ploughman’s!) so order Thai chicken skewers with rice and slaw…

They give you a lovely reusable bag which if you bring back next visit you get 10p off, plus you get a loyalty card so if you go often enough you can get free stuff!

And your food comes in a big box…

The chicken was a great choice, so colourful and fresh, it came with slaw and rice and a wholemeal tortilla… I was stuffed and training was a breeze with all that energy…

I love Friska’s food and ethos, and I love the branding even more, check out all the characters on the website or when you visit, very cute!

Hopefully one day everyone will have a Friska near their work… no more soggy sandwiches!

P.s. I went back for the ploughman’s the next day; ratatouille, potato salad, tomatoes, lettuce, thick cut ham and a huge piece of smoke applewood cheddar… amazing! Plus yummy lobster fire cracker crisps… Friday Treats!

Friska is at 3 The Paragon, 32 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6BX and


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