Kayal, backwater cuisine…

August 5, 2010

I have just spent the weekend with the Boy and his parents, which included a trip to Nottingham to see Cirque du Soleil (which was amazing!)

We hadn’t booked or looked for anywhere to eat deciding to just have a look… fearing we were going to fail to find somewhere nice and end up in (horror) a chain we stumbled upon Kayal, which had lots of great reviews in the window so in we went…

Kayal serves healthy South Indian food and if you go to their website there is lots of information about the food, how it is cooked and the area of India the food comes from.

The restaurant has big tv screens which show lots of pictures of India and some cookery demonstrations with items from the menu. I normally hate big screens in bars and restaurants (giving mind to football matches), but I loved the kooky little details to this restaurant including the screens and the waiters tees…

All staff were wearing straw hats and bright orange tees, and they were all lovely, very attentive, sometimes a little too much but not quite since we took great pleasure in telling them all many times that the food is great, amazing, delicious… etc

I will tell you now do not go here if you have to do anything afterwards, the food was A MAZ ING and I could not stop eating mine even when I was full to burst, all I wanted to do afterwards was snooze!

The Boy and his Dad decided to go for the Thali, which was more of a tasting plate of lots of dishes than what you would normally think of as a Thali.
I was very jealous as it looked amazing, however it was way more food than I could have handled…

If you are in Nottingham (or Leicester) and you decide to eat here I do suggest you starve yourself and go for it or share with your dining partner!

We had the standard popodoms first, even those were better than ones I have had before…

The Thali started with a soup… quite a big portion for a starter, and they didn’t tell you what you would get but we worked it out to be the seafood soup…

Then followed by this monster of a plate… with 5 different curries, plus a vegetable dish and a pancake type bread…

with amazing calamari… the Boy let me have a piece, which was so crispy and light and a little spicy…

I had what was basically a prawn masala, but it was no ordinary masala, it was, at the risk of sounding like a broken record; amazing.
I have never seen prawns this big in a curry before. I only got 4 prawns but this is not a bag thing as they were ginormous!

The Boy’s Mum had a byriani, which came at the same time as my food hence no photograph as we all tucked straight in! She was also very impressed.

After all that we were all way too full for pudding but since the Boy and his Dad had one included they had to see it through.

What came was a kind of semolina pudding which was warmish, really refreshing and they said it actually made them full a little less full.

That’s some pudding!

I also loved how they brought the bill and mini chocolates in a wooden box… cute details are the things that make me love a place.

Reeeeeeeeeeeally recommend this place, cannot wait to go again it’s now Thursday and I am still thinking about that curry and those prawns… luckily the Boy’s sister lives in Nottingham so hopefully we will have another chance soon.


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