Hot Lunch… Magic Roll

July 14, 2010

Magic Roll is a Bristol institution, it used to be the late night spot when I was at university, a great healthy option among all the kebab and burger joints…

they make wraps filled with goodies such as lamb/halloumi/chicken/steak/falafel then filled with salads, relishes, hummus, salsas, olives etc, the options are endless!

Nowadays it is more of a lunchtime spot and they now have an outlet near my office… great news!

If you have never had a magic roll hot foot there for your lunch today! There is one on the triangle and one on Redcliffe Street…

They also now sell savory tarts (I had a bite and it really was amazing, I nearly cancelled my magic roll for one, but as I needed a healthy lunch stuck with it)… they also sell Tyrrells (the best crisps in the world), chocolate treats from Montezuma’s and delicious drinks…

And home-made banoffe pies, this is my favourite dessert EVER and I am still quite amazed at my willpower in not buying one… although I am sure I will at some point, they are so cute!

This time I went for a ‘Daisy Demuth’ which is halloumi, roasted butternut squash, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and fresh lemon… it was great! (apart from the fact I had to eat at my desk)

I had no afternoon slump and a really energetic gym session after work…

they are quite hefty but at least there’ll be no afternoon snacking!

Go check it! Here’s the menu in full


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