Souk Me Up!

June 25, 2010

So since I seem to be having a week of recommendations I didn’t want to buck the trend so here’s another Bedminster gem… Souk on North Street.

This used to be called Cafe Centrica, serves really really really good middle eastern food and one of mine and the Boy’s favourite places to eat, when it closed for refurbishment we were very concerned…

However we needn’t have worried as it has reopened with a similar menu, but a revamped branding that I think is really good and will work wonders and hopefully mean that Souk is here for years to come.

I have been twice in the past week, once with a girl friend and once with the Boy so these photographs are a combination of those two visits, even I couldn’t eat all this food in one go.
This will show the range of what this unassuming but amazing little restaurant does…

I really have to recommend you go for the Souk it and See! tasting menu available during the week, it’s £9.95 for bread and dips, a starter, a main and a dessert.

Don’t worry they’re all slightly smaller than normal so you can do it… but it is a lot of food so go hungry!

The Boy and I started with bread and dips, we always get this the dips are so good, really fresh tasting and the hummus is GREAT!

We often get them to take away too if we have people coming for dinner and don’t have time to make our own.

This time we had hummus, a thick riata and a kind of green dhal, plus the standard olives and chillies and the amazing flatbread.

I missed the smokey tomato-chilli dip this time, that is worth the trip alone…

On this evening I decided to go for the tapas (3 starter dishes for £6.50) I had sardines, meatballs and the best falafel I have ever had (including my sweet potato recipe!).

The falafel was served with a smoked chilli jam, I really need to make this soon it is amazing.

That was more than enough for me, I didn’t quite finish it all, but is a great way to try lots of dishes if there are a few of you.

The Boy had halloumi skewers, they also do chicken and lamb, served with salad and rice… they are huge!

Now skipping to my visit with my friend Ania… we being girls with our eyes on the dessert menu skipped starters and went for a vegetable tagine with cous cous…

 …and I had a Persian fish curry, this truly is one of my all time favourite meals and have had it countless times here, it’s so filling, but fresh tasting at the same time… do try it!

Then we decided to get two desserts as we couldn’t decide and just dig in… we had a flourless chocolate cake and a yogurt cake…

I loved the yogurt cake and am desperate to make my own, will give it a go soon and let you know how I get on…

I am also planning on visit Souk again very soon, I want to try a Turkish Pizza…

P.s They also do great breakfasts, I have only ever been once as they truly are HUGE!


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