Sunshine, Sushi and Sofi

June 11, 2010

So a few weekends ago Bristol had the most beautiful weather, sunshine, clear blue skies and it was warm enough to go out without a coat… a perfect day to mooch about in the city…

It had been a while since I had seen my old housemate Sofi. She is definately the coolest girl I know, she is a Brand Manager for Vitamin Water -if you haven’t tired this drink yet where have you been?! She is also a devoted blogger and her blog is amazing… check it here, lots of cool pics regarding music fashion and random fun stuff…

So we decided to have a girly day out, we went shopping and had Lunch at Obento, the best sushi place in Bristol…

I really recommend Obento, I had all of the above for about £12 and Monday to Thursday sushi is half price… so much better than some chain restaurants I could mention

First we ordered some edamame beans (or soy beans) to snack on while we ordered, I love how healthy Japanese meals can be, we ate so much food and although we were very full, we were full of energy and ready to shop afterwards.

I ordered the chef’s plate which means they choose the sushi, but you get sashimi as well… the plate was so pretty I (almost) didn’t want to eat it

So I got salmon and tuna sashimi, a crayfish handroll, 4 california rolls (!) and tuna, salmon, cuttlefish and octopuss nigiri plus lots of pickled ginger, which I love; the colour is just amazing.

If you have never tried sushi and are afraid of it (as I used to be) try a sushi box from Marks and Spencer first (no raw fish) and work up to the proper stuff -although I have to say I don’t think I have had the most authentic sushi I will ever have yet, I am still a bit scared… I didn’t eat the octopuss!

You could also try making your own sushi… a friend of mine makes his all the time, but then he does live in Japan, I will get some tips from him and give this a go soon and let you know how it goes…

Then we strolled off to the fountations to collect an ice cream from the stand there (another reccommendation -if you haven’t had one from there why not! Kicks cornetto’s out of the water!) before we tackled Park Street

Sushi websites… find out more!

Also give youtube a search there are lots of helpful videos if you’re making your own.


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