Friday Treat Fun

June 11, 2010

At my last job we had a thing that on Fridays we took it in turns to bring in treats… this was partly to stop us eating cakes and biscuits all week and partly to liven up our Friday’s…

I still meet friends from my old team for lunch regularly and we try to visit a different place every week, whether we’re eating or just having a coffee but a spot we seem to end up at time and time again in Arnofini and on a very Sunny friday recently we sat at the water’s edge, dangled our legs over and enjoyed a yummy lunch of mussels in a cider sauce (no cream) with potato bread and half a cider. Nothing better!

The food here is really really good, they do sharing plates of cheese and charcuterie, plus risotto, salads and yummy rolls… and the cakes are A MAZ ING! Serious.

The Arnofini is primarily an art gallery but has an amazing book/gift shop with the best wrapping paper I have found locally, a rustic Italian cafe bar, which has the added bonus of being right by the river, this is the favourite spot for after work drinks in the sunshine for many, just sitting on the floor with legs over the edge as there are never enough tables! They also have live art and dance and film, have a look at the listings here

From the Arnofini Website



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