Cocktails in the City

June 11, 2010

Another mini-post from London… After tea we went to a cool little bar off Oxford Street called Match

It had a naughty theme…

I had an amazing little cocktail called Nicola 6…

I have added a picture of the menu so you can try yourself, you will need an american style champagne glass for the this look!

Hayley had the classic Mojito!

There are many, many ways to make a mojito but the classic version is make from white rum (I would substitute with Havana club personally!), sugar (or sugar cane juice), fresh limes, sparking water/soda and fresh mint leaves and is served as a long cocktail. First add the lime juice to the sugar, then the mint leaves and crush together, I use my pestle. Then add rum and ice… easy… apart from the effort of juicing limes which is hard on the wrists.

For 1 glass; 2 parts rum 1 part lime juice Soda water to the top 10 mint leaves + 1 sprig for decoration 1 tsp sugar 1 lime wedge


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