All the Tea in Singapore

June 11, 2010

This post is going back a while but after tea in London I remembered how good it was in Singapore

Last year I spent my birthday in Singapore, the shopping there is ridiculous… the mall below is called ION Orchard

The mall building is amazing, and was designed to look like a piece of fruit with the stalks and the seeds and the flesh represented by pillars and the glass.

Being on Orchard Avenue is like stepping into a magazine, everyone walking around was so stylish and gorgeous, and shops like Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Hermes (2 on this street!), Christian Dior… I could go on…

Inside ION there was a TWG tea salon, which was so pretty we stopped for afternoon tea for my Birthday…

The tea shop was in a little salon that when you stepped in you completely forgot you were in a mall, with teas lining the walls and all the most beautiful cakes on display, as well as beautiful teacups and teapots for sale, I still regret not buying some.

The clientale were mostly very smart business men and women having lunch, we were the only tourists.

I ordered a Chic afternoon tea, which was little toasted triangle sandwiches and mini scones.

Look at the teas in the picture below you can see the differences in colour, they treat it like wine here in how they match teas to food and advise you on what you might like. There are subtle differences in every tea… you could also have tea/champagne cocktails which came in big glasses with lots of ice and mint and looked amazing.

I was still feeling a little delicate from having food poisoning the few days before so I had to skip the cakes, but I did buy some macaroons for the plane journey home, I had a rose one and a passion fruit one and I think there was some chocolate ones in there but I cannot remember what else I picked it was so long ago. All I can say is that they were good!

And the menu for all the different teas is amazing, so so big, it was hard to choose until I saw a tea called Happy Birthday!
Below is a picture of the shelves holding all the blends… they have a few!

The Boy had one called Christmas Lights, as Singapore had decorated ready for Christmas already it seemed fitting, it was so yummy we had to bring some home and we are now down to rationing it as we have nearly run out.

A select number of TWG are available to buy through Harrods if you would like to try -I brought a few of the gift boxed teas home as the boxes hold beautiful teas that are decorated the same as the boxes they make great gifts for tea lovers

While browsing I have just found out they now sell the Happy Birthday Tea in England now… Woo hoo! I may well have to make a purchase to relive my birthday.

AND the amazing teapots I loved so much… a little out of my price range for a tea pot though!

This is a (rubbish) photo of the tea menu, I wanted you to see how massive it is this is double-sided as well!

There must be a thousand teas on there!

Another tea company that is a little more local is ATTIC; all the Tea in China. Based in Bristol this company specialise in Chinese tea and make beautiful flowering teas, I have brought these teas as gifts as they are beautifully packaged but have yet to make it to the tea shop… I hope to soon.

TWG also had flowers… I just love their names…


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