10 Minute Dinner

June 11, 2010

Last night I made a very healthy yummy dinner that took just 10 minutes… the following is for 2 people

1 salmon fillet
2 portions linguine
1 lemon
2 portions asparagus (as little or as many as you want)
2 portions cherry tomatoes (as little or as many as you want)
half fat crème fraiche 

First boil some water and cook your pasta, I like my al dente so only cooked for about 7 minutes but this can take up to 10 as well, at the same time pop the salmon in the oven at 180C for about 10 minutes (this will vary depending on your oven), you could also poach or grill the salmon.

I sprayed it with a little olive oil and cracked some seat salt and black pepper over the top.

Then zest your lemon and add to about half a small pot of crème fraiche depending on your taste (whether you want a thin coating or lots of sauce), juice half of the lemon and add this as well, then crack some seat salt and black pepper into it to taste.

Steam your asparagus for 3 minutes to keep it nice and crunchy then cut into 1 inch piece, then half your cherry tomatoes and mix it all together, maybe heat for 2 minutes and serve!

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