10 Minute Dinner – A Boy Friendly Salad

June 11, 2010

Last night the Boy was (supposed) to be out for dinner so I made something I have fancied for ages but have not made for dinner as boys don’t generally consider salad a dinner option… goats cheese salad…

I really hate supermarkets but I do think they are a necessary evil if you work full-time and are not 100% organised like me, and when making a fresh salad I really hate them, but that said last night I found some good bits and made a really good salad!

I started with some salad leaves, I brought three boxes of ‘fresh and naked’ leaves (don’t google at work!) they come in cute boxes with ideas of how to eat them on the back…

I actually like lettuce, I really love lambs lettuce and baby leaves especially and I love that I can buy these little boxes in supermarkets so I can stay away from the rubbish bags, these packs even tell you who packed them for you… by name!

I also bought a sun dried wholemeal loaf with peppers and tomatoes within to make some croutons, to make these brush or drizzle your bread with olive oil (depending on how healthy you’re feeling) and bake in the over for 5-10 minutes, I would get them in first then whilst they’re going you can assemble your salad…

some quite good goats cheese (you could use any soft cheese), I already had some scrummy pomodonino tomatoes and cucumber (love) and blueberries (fruit in salad is good, also try figs or chunks of apple)

I decided to add some balsamic almonds and asparagus to help fill me up… after I had added all this it has become quite a large salad!

To make the almonds cut whole almonds in to halves (as many as you want) then pan fry them in balsamic vinegar for 5-10 minutes (another one to get started at the beginning) this makes them really sticky and they taste great

The chuck all the ingredients in a big bowl and drizzle with some olive oil and plenty f black pepper (I use tons on everything I eat!) then arrange on a plate or bowl and drizzle with some balsamic glaze (which is much sweeter and vinegar) or vinegar. Enjoy!

As it happened the Boy came home for dinner after all, luckily I had made enough for two and it got a hungry man’s approval too! However if you really are hungry you could always add some sweet potato chips or roasted butternut squash in the mix (and swap blueberries for pomegranate seeds mmmmmmmm)


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